The Plus in Google+ may mean Therapy

I am suffering from friend envy on Google+, I recognize that unlike Mike Arrington, Om Malik, Jeff Pulver, and Rich Therani I do not play the social network game correctly.
I find it hard to engage in large audiences of unknown people. In a crowd I like to pick them off one by one and learn about them.
So as I browse around Google+ I am amazed to see the numbers of people following the gurus and the fact that I am inviting more than I am invited.
Perhaps, this is a sign of my issues with Social networks. Or perhaps its opportunity for me to change.
I also noticed that my buzz posts were dated and my recent writings are missing.
So clearly, I have some issues.
But thanks to Google+ I think I may have a feedback system. Like a Skinnerian Box, I can press the bar of submit and see what happens to my posts.
Of course if this does not happen, the paranoia will set in.
If you are on Google+ and want to make feel better please feel free to connect with me.
It’s time to submit.