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4G Wireless Evolution.

Moderating conferences for the last decade has been a wonderful experience and I have grown in the process. Last night we announced a 4G event that is being organized with TMC.  The team at TMC has been wonderful and I am looking forward to working with them. Looking at the infrastructure they have put in…

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Grow with the Flow

I was asked by an Angel to start looking for opportunities in our space.  My first advice was there were better spaces then ours right now. But maybe I am wrong. Maybe the transition is in process to the new communications paradigm.  Look at the realities of the market.   The consolidation has left little room…

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Even Nxtcomm is Wireless!

At the end of the day, Nxtcomm was about the migration to a wireless world. The number one discussion was to be found in the booths of Ciena, Hatteras and others promoting Metropolitan Ethernet. The story with these devices is that they are the access layer for WDM as the network dumbs down. This is an…

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