4G Wireless Evolution.

Moderating conferences for the last decade has been a wonderful experience and I have grown in the process.

Last night we announced a 4G event that is being organized with TMC.  The team at TMC has been wonderful and I am looking forward to working with them.

Looking at the infrastructure they have put in as an organization they have a great many abilities that were left undone in my previous experience.

The most fascinating thing to me is there ability to embrace the industry and help deliver the message.  The editorial staff is dedicated and they are very good at gathering all the data.

So where do we fit in? Crossfire Consulting is a trusted name in the IT industry that often develops and delivers projects that are either critical to our customers or are adopting new concepts that need to be proven.  We worked with telcos on their Internet strategies and did technical due diligence on many acquistions.  Crossfire Consulting success has helped in other industries as well.

So we are in a position with TMC to not only deliver the news, but put together the appropriate people in the industry.

In my favorite book, “Fifth Business” the character in opera is explained as neither protagonist nor antagonist, but the keeper of the secrets.  While publicly moderating I have been very good, (though it would be hard for you to know) in keeping company council and progressing the story.

Crossfire Media is dedicated to progressing the story of what happens next for telcos and the wireless Internet.  That is the story behind the 4GWE conference and it’s the story we will follow on the portal.

As 3GPP progresses there are several issues that make Long Term Evolution uncertain.  Remember the Internet was built to overcome any one network’s weakness and we are seeing these same concerns expand the applications providers network.  So high speed services are going to be a continuously evolving mixture of applications being implemented in new ways, consumers adopting them virally and access providers (telcos) trying to profitably connect them.

Push to Wireless even at IT ExpoWest

Is there no escaping the inevitability that the entire network is going Wireless.

IT Expo West, which is a good CTI show has about 40% of the show displaying wireless strategies.  Most importantly are a number of companies that are building GSM gateways for the purpose of making the all you can eat plans more valuable to the enterprise or to provide an arbitrage solution.  

Another aspect of this was the SMS gateway from Multi-Tech that enables new services with their API for bulk messaging and developers of new applications. 

Part of this is the UC discussion, but here the story was not OCS but MS Response Point which included announcements from Quintum and Packet8 as well as the phone set partners of Aastra, Syspine and DLink (not at the show).  While Response Point does not include a wireless strategy per se in combination with Packet8 it becomes integrated with their MobileTalk.

I also had a lot of iPhone app discussions that I am sure will be better represented today in San Fransisco at Mobilize with Shai Berger of Fonolo presenting, although the GotVoice demo was very good.

Here at the show my best wiresless conversation was with Gaston of TelcoBridges as we took the worldwide view of where 4G will take us.

One thing that was missing was VoWifi.

Very good day yesterday and looking forward to my panel today.


Grow with the Flow

I was asked by an Angel to start looking for opportunities in our space.  My first advice was there were better spaces then ours right now.

But maybe I am wrong. Maybe the transition is in process to the new communications paradigm.  Look at the realities of the market.   The consolidation has left little room for growth at the top and all the innovation is attaching itself to the web.  Whether its in a social network, a browser based voice client, or some widget that reduces the browser to a contextual application the web is the big move.  I can even make a case for the web being the model for Unified Communication.

This comes at a great time for turmoil, too.  The Internet is exploding with a drive to wireless and as Apple, Google, Intel and Nokia all drive us to a new marketplace the opportunities are to find a niche and grow with the flow.

So the good news is if you are a start up looking for an Angel.  I can put you in touch.  I will also tell you, I am having some discussions at various other levels of investment.

Let me know if I can help.

Even Nxtcomm is Wireless!

At the end of the day, Nxtcomm was about the migration to a wireless world. The number one discussion was to be found in the booths of Ciena, Hatteras and others promoting Metropolitan Ethernet. The story with these devices is that they are the access layer for WDM as the network dumbs down.

This is an interesting story that is taking place.  I am particularly interested with the way Matisse has designed itself for this market and I think they are going to be a winner even if Telecom is suffering.

While Nxtcomm reflected the consolidation of the industry and the MetroEthernet story is not particularly a sexy app story, it is an accurate reflection of the market right now.