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The Problem with the Embarq Petition

Aswath, Thank you for looking at what I sent you.  I must apologize for not making things clear.  I will ask you to revisit the Freedom2speak website. The FCC has several petitions and actions going on simultaneously and it’s easy to lump them all together, but they deal with different aspects of what it means…

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Freedom2Speak.org Launched

Jim Kohlenberger has shared this information with me.  Included in this site which highlights the innovation of VoIP is the ability to petition to keep VoIP as an enhanced service. With the FCC poised to vote November 4th on a key decision that will impact the future of Internet communication, today VoIP leaders are launching…

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Don’t be a POTS! Innovate!

If free is dead, in what plight can VoIP compete? Next week in Chicago, I am going to present on the “Apps Gap.”  The sally of the presentation is that VoIP does not deserve its current fate.  Service providers are providing traditionary phone options that makes it as if they’re competing with common provide tied behind their back — how do…

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