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Why I am and SEO Nightmare

Next Generation is a nice way of saying, you’re too old. And in my case I am too old. I was listening to a presentation on LTE that mapped it to an IMS strategy and I was feeling like I was back when TINA-C was the major discussion with friends. TINA-C was an effort to…

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The Problem with the Embarq Petition

Aswath, Thank you for looking at what I sent you.  I must apologize for not making things clear.  I will ask you to revisit the Freedom2speak website. The FCC has several petitions and actions going on simultaneously and it’s easy to lump them all together, but they deal with different aspects of what it means…

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Next Week Guest Hosting

Next week I will be guest hosting Alec Saunders’ Squawkbox. Below is the agenda, but this is a reminder that it’s a conference call / interview. Open to a lot of people in a lot of ways. Your participation is welcome. Agenda for the Week of 7 / 14 – 7/ 17. — Monday July…

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