P4P Interview with Doug Pasko of Verizon

With the IETF meetings over in Dublin, I am expecting to have a few items of discussion coming up in the near future about standards.

New strategies for Peering Networks are being discussed in Distributed Computing Industry Association and Verizon and some other carriers are looking to implement the P4P strategies best articulated in the article posted here. P4P, which has a lengthy name explanation, should be called either Peering 4 Providers or Providers 4 Peering, imho.

Doug Pasko, PMTS – Principal Member of Technical Staff at Verizon Network & Technology (who is also the co-chair of the DCIA’s P4P group with Laird Popkin of Pando Networks) ,
does a great job of explaining to me to the value of P4P. In this interview, Doug gives an overview of the solution and why it has value to a network operator and the application provider.