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A Day Full of News.

The Yahoos! at Yahoo live up to their name bit.ly/KjjGFb Lightsquared goes dark and circles the wagons http://nyti.ms/JDzW4Y Facebook Privacy Policy Clarifies They Suck http://bit.ly/LMStg1 ATT and Axeda did a webinar with me http://bit.ly/LMUB7v

Mark Kelley Interview

Mark’s history mirrors the wireless industry closely and includes being the CTO of Leap and leading developments at Nextwave and Qualcomm. Today, he is doing some consulting and thinking about new opportunities in the market. With all this history the discussion takes us to in-depth analysis. He blogs about various aspects of the industry and…

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Police report in Dutch

WIll have to get it translated when i get home. Working on getting the MAC address have obtained the IMEI number. Am keeping people updated here, facebook and skype. My Mac and Phone were stolen, if you see me on IM its probably not me. Had to change password here since my skype account automatically…

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Consolidating for the future

ATT and Verizon are rapidly becoming the last teams standing as the focus is continues on wireless opportunities.  As I continue to hear that LTE is the clear winner.  I can’t help but think this cant be about a single device and a single service.  Is the iPhone all that we need?  Lets get serious.…

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Truphone & ATT on Squawkbox

Alistair Campbell the CTO of Truphone and Hank Hultquist of ATT were my guests on Squawkbox and I wanted to remind people about the discussion in light of the Intercarrier Compensation discussion. Alistair does a nice job talking about the new era of communication over wireless Internet devices and Hank helps us see that regulatory…

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Freedom2Speak.org Launched

Jim Kohlenberger has shared this information with me.  Included in this site which highlights the innovation of VoIP is the ability to petition to keep VoIP as an enhanced service. With the FCC poised to vote November 4th on a key decision that will impact the future of Internet communication, today VoIP leaders are launching…

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