Proximity & Affinity the future of IoT

I often listen to IoT discussions that make me think I am in an episode of Highlander!  “In the end there can only be one!”

I think that premise is flawed and I think we are going to see some changes as we adopt alternative wireless technologies.

Let me explain why.

  1. Security is the starting point, but not about the way that IoT and DDoS have been linked together.  If you see what I am doing with the security summit at IoT Evolution Expo you know that I am not about IoT fixing problems that are beyond it’s control.  DNS was being attacked before IoT and it will be attacked without IoT.  However, there is a bigger problem that faces those of us that try to harden our networks.  The problem is that when a calamity hits like a earthquake, tidal wave or terrorism, the odds are likely we are going to crash the network with sensors all trying to report back.  Whether that leads to reboot break ins or just a network failure is not clear.
  2. Proximity and Affinity are the solution.   If we map where things are when a packet storm starts the network gateways can dampen the noise and create a affinity group of reporting.  Now the reality of most PLCs these days is that IoT normally has pretty simple signals that it delivers.  This is particularly true in manufacturing but also applies to field systems. In reality we have many systems that are tracking boolean data of red (stop) and green (go).  Using Affinity information allows the systems to distribute and machine learn.

As we move to intelligence at the edge the use of affinity and proximity will increase.  While the cloud is common strategy today, the edge is the more logical place to manage particularly for system security.  Here again proximity can become part of the strategy as companies can sense their surroundings to gather deeper analytics. We see the edge become so well self management that it manages alternate routing, I believe this is the concept that is driving SDNs.

The bottom line is we are going to see the edge continue to become the focus thanks to IoT.  Building a pool of sensor intelligence from multiple devices is going to become more common place.