NxtComm in Vegas

Sometimes its clear that venue is a help. Running conferences where the tag line for the city is “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” does not make a sales lead sound viable. Unless of course blackmail works :<). Talking with friends I have yet to determine whether I should go out there or not. On the one hand I can support some of my friends and colleagues in there efforts. And I can show my face to the community. On the other hand. Vegas on my tight budget is like putting an elephant on a tightrope. The odds that the elephant is going to stay in line are slim. (is that a pun?) So at this point I am uncommitted. And it sounds like I am not alone. I think the show lacks the Internet crowd. Google and the social network types are not participating, nor are the Over The Top Video companies. The core of Nxtcomm is the network core as well. It's the blend of Alcatel Lucent, Ciena, Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Sonus and Tellabs. So is Nxtcomm a big iron show that is looking at End of Life, or like Ironman is it about to emerge as a superhero? What do you think?

A little praise for the Magic Jack

I was given a Magic Jack to evaluate and while product reviews are not my forte, this is a great little product.

They have done a great job of building the interface and I have been playing with it.

Since, I am technically a Floridian, I tried to find a dialtone close to me. I missed the coast but I got the state with a number and voice mail that makes it so my mother in law can call me local. (Talk about your law of unintended consequences).

Anyway the Jack for a hardphone, the softphone and the PSTN number configured flawlessly and now I am up and running.

Good Job