Steve Shaw of Kineto Wireless

Dual Mode, Femto and UMA! Oh my!

I asked Steve Shaw, Associate VP of Marketing, what he sees in the marketplace today and how to put the choices associated with Femtocells and Dual-Mode phones in perspective.

Steve writes the UMA Today and his analysis of the carrier strategies in the US and the worldwide market trends has the benefit of breadth.

Conference 2.0?

I was talking to a friend in the conference business about the tools I am seeing being used at some conference and many of them are making a lot of sense to me. I think we are on the cusp of a new era of event services. That allow the attendees at the event to share their views and build a site that continues the benefit from the event.

Take a look at as an example.
It has a wiki, blog, social site, Facebook Group, and a newsletter. Thats a lot of focus.

ClueCon is a month away

One event that friends go to outside of my normal vantage point is ClueCon . Some of the names that are speaking are long time friends who have been in the VoIP space as long or longer than I have. And that means something about their depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. Its a combo of new and old protocols but has a great reputation for people who just want to get things done.

August 5-7, 2008 Chicago, IL

Calliflower – Something to Squawk about

Iotum has done some very cool technology strategies and almost always at the core has been the idea of contextual communication.

Their latest service in this space is called Calliflower and it is in keeping with that model.

For sometime now Alec Saunders has been doing an event on Facebook called Squawk Box. Unlike its CNBC equivalent its been an user participating discussion. While the conference call is going on the chat is active and the group is in full participation.

Those capabilities are now migrating out of Facebook into a Web 2.0 service aimed for small businesses.

Want to hear more… Listen to podcast with Alec Saunders. or better yet listen to Squawk Box or best of all go to and try it.

Back from Vegas!

I did some consulting for some friends this weekend and this is the first time I have to write about some final thoughts about Nxtcomm.

While I had some friends talking about IPTV it feels to me that story is going to get closer to the content than the infrastructure. The WiMax for local loop discussion was there but kind of lost in the noise. Pity because it has some real value as seen in Korea and India.

So as I said earlier it is a show right now about supporting wireless with Metroethernet. It maybe that the USTA and TIA have the ability to collaborate with CTIA. It looks to me that they should.

Even Nxtcomm is Wireless!

At the end of the day, Nxtcomm was about the migration to a wireless world. The number one discussion was to be found in the booths of Ciena, Hatteras and others promoting Metropolitan Ethernet. The story with these devices is that they are the access layer for WDM as the network dumbs down.

This is an interesting story that is taking place.  I am particularly interested with the way Matisse has designed itself for this market and I think they are going to be a winner even if Telecom is suffering.

While Nxtcomm reflected the consolidation of the industry and the MetroEthernet story is not particularly a sexy app story, it is an accurate reflection of the market right now.

Nxtcomm at the lower layer

After a rough start getting to Vegas and some confusion getting my badge, I did my first “editorial interview”. It was with Kontron and Astute Networks . Here are some quick thoughts.

The use of ATCA as a platform is starting to payoff in the interoperability of mix and match partnerships. While the conversation was with Astute Networks for this discussion, the Kontron folks actually have a series of press releases about partners working on their platform.

On the Astute Networks side, I am of the belief that the move to MetroEthernet move is going to bring an era of distributed content farms, not only for wireless but also for the over the top video companies like Level3 are servicing. I also see a potential market to overcome some of the problems cable has in its capacity to deliver HDTV.

If there is buzz on floor its about MetroEthernet.

Anton Wahlman

I did a podcast with Anton Wahlman which you can hear here.

Anton’s reports at Think Equity were always insigthful and helped me think about what was going on in the industry overall.

I have a tendency to speak to a lot of people and discerning the whole picture is more than science, it’s art. I would say that Anton has this ability.

I wish him well on his new efforts, which I am sure will be revealed sometime this summer.