Kimberly-Clark Learned by Taking Programmatic In-House by Chrissie Cluney

Kimberly-Clark, the consumer packaged goods giant, has brought automated and audience-based media buying in-house. The company has also learned how to improve messaging and creative. With data and technology evolving so quickly, many people forget about creative and how people are consuming and interacting with it.

The company sees data as a creative lever. The data can inform campaign creative. “The learnings swing back to how we think about creative and how we can use data to create specific assets,” said Cameron Friedlander, marketing technology and integrated media, Kimberly-Clark.

Why in-house? “We wanted to bring everything in-house because we wanted to own the data to get to targeting consumers in a behavioral fashion, versus. a demographic perspective,” said Lisa Giarcosa, global head of experience planning and integrated media, Kimberly-Clark.

What has the brand learned from taking everything in-house? “We’ve gained an understanding of how we can use multiple partners and data points to pinpoint people on their buying journey. And how to ensure that we don’t expose personally identifiable information,” Giarcosa said.