IoT Evolution Does Not Stack Up Well Against CES, but

I get a lot of mail from CES including the fact that there are over 3900 exhibitors and 170K people there.

Candidly I would love to have a tenth of those numbers.

On the other hand, IoT Evolution has some things that CES should aspire to as well.

For example, many of our keynotes are female and candidly it would have been more if not for some last minute changes by corporate sponsors. We are also featuring a Women in Technology general session that promises to be insightful as we look at the trends in empowerment.

Secondly, I suspect that our Security expertise is more significant than CES when it comes to corporate strategies. When NIST comes to our event after CES to run its NIST-Led Discussion on IoT Security and Privacy Risk Considerations, I think we will have some answers beyond the keeping consumers data private and making sure that industrial espionage and massive distribute denial of service attacks don’t find their way in via a thermostat, point of sale or other “things.”

You see the components of IoT Evolution, including the IoT Developer Workshop, Fog Computing Workshop, IoT Evolution Health, Industrial IoT, IoT Enterprise Operations, Smart City Event, LPWAN Expo and IoT Security 4.0 Conference look at where IoT meets business needs.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Alexa, my smart lock and other consumer devices I have acquired. However, I don’t think of them as essential to my life or business.

IoT is at the heart of what is needed to improve production efficiency, regulatory compliance and the quality of life in our communities.

In a recent podcast with James Brehm and Mike Krell, one thing we came away with is that CES promises to be less new and more improved. Cars, Drones, Robots and Smart Home Products will dominate the news, but we have seen varieties of these items for years.

IoT Evolution has history too, but the speakers that come to IoT Evolution are rarely on script and always approachable.

I hope after a bit of rest you join us.


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