Did you know I was Passive Aggressive Linguistically Speaking

Over at the Adjumps website, I am now trying to write a marketing blog.  (I Know those who can’t – blog).

Because Adjumps is about actually reaching out to customers in need and not being a site like IMHO where we try to share information without revealing sources,  I have Yoast installed.

At the bottom of my blog posts it tells me what wrong with my writing.

The answer. I am not active enough.

"No Matter" says Eyeore
Passive Aggressive

Now here is my dilemma,  Do I really want to punch up my writing style?

If you are looking for bang up copy, I am not sure I can do that.  IMHO thats a turn off.  I have a friend who always sounds like a football coach.  It all sounds great, but it does change if his team is 12 and 2 or 2 and 12.  It’s all “inspirational”.

I have been having our staff writer Chrissie Cluney curate weekly round ups without pushing and agenda to just highlight what is going on in the market.

I believe the audience needs a break from aggressive must see click bait.  I could give you five reasons that passive voices are better, but why bother. :<)