Delphi and Transdev Develop Global On-demand Driverless Transportation by Chrissie Cluney

Delphi and Transdev are developing automated, on-demand mobility systems, with a service offering set. The companies hope to debut with a service offering set via pilot projects in France, and then to eventually expand to global reach.

Delphi will bring its automated driving platform to the mix that it is creating in partnership with Mobileye. Transdev is a recognized leader in mobility network operation. It has already worked with public transit authorities around the world, including rams, light rail, buses, ferries, and more recently, autonomous vehicles.

Delphi and Transdev want to have a global footprint with their technology. The companies are also going to be working on getting pilot projects operating very quickly.

“We believe that autonomy will bring a lot of social benefits,” said Yann Leriche, chief performance officer, Transdev “Our mission is to leverage those benefits to provide attractive shared transportation options to our clients. The asset can be shared, for example on-demand cars, or the ride can be shared, for example, buses.”

For Delphi, this partnership will provide access to testing on a wide range of vehicle types across a wide variety of service settings. It also gives them a company to work with that already has a deep functional understanding of current urban transit and the challenges therein.

“They have that clear pathway, they’re operating today, they understand this and we couldn’t be more excited to be adding them as a partner,” said Glen De Vos, chief technology officer, Delphi. “We really have line of sight into how the technology can be deployed, and deployed in a way that really makes sense in terms of safety and in terms of commercial operations.”

Both companies will contribute to the co-development of future autonomous vehicles. The companies will add to the infrastructure to make operating a commercial service sustainable and scalable.