Dear Mr. President You Are Cold Because of Global Warming.

Sometimes people get confused because of a name.

I remember a playboy joke that ended with “blow is just a figure of speech.”

It seems that our president can’t connect the dots that when you melt the polar ice caps, the cold is also being released into the atmosphere.  So storms like this northeaster is a predictable occurrence when colder water is being added to the air, land and sea.

The fact that the northwest passage is becoming a reality and that ships are going to be able to sail in the Arctic sea unfettered should give us a clue that warming is happening in a big way.  Since I was a kid I read of countless attempts through the centuries to find the North Pole or the Northwest Passage that ended with ships being crushed by the ice.

Now its navigable!

In the Inconvenient Truth Sequel, we see Greenlands glacier pouring water into the atlantic.  We talk about the sea level rise, but perhaps we should talk about how come the temperature of the ocean does not drop.

There is more water in the middle of the planet then there is at the top and therefore the warmed water is meeting the cold water at a greater degree of increase.

Now this gets simple.  When you breathe out in the cold, what happens with your breath? The answer is the moisture becomes a fog.

Enough moisture becomes a storm.

So when the glacier melts and meets warmer water, we see it move into the atmosphere.

Mr. President this is Science, not Chinese conspiracy.