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The WebRTCbook, Book Review.

We have to give Dan Burnett and Alan Johnston alot of credit for getting a book out so quickly on such dynamic content.  For years the elite of SIP have known that the SIP protocol was mired in the telecom strategies that represent so many additional complexities to the protocol that a “SIP Lite” vision…

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A little green and way to Literal @EnVii

Our post about #DevCon5 got this response from @EnVii @DevConFive since when is HTML considered a ‘programming’ language? hint: ‘M’ stands for ‘markup’ While the statement is true the reality is that Programming gets embedded into the markup and with the browser acting more like a client server model the programming calls are coming from…

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A Day Full of News.

The Yahoos! at Yahoo live up to their name Lightsquared goes dark and circles the wagons Facebook Privacy Policy Clarifies They Suck ATT and Axeda did a webinar with me

Devcon5 New Additions

If the Chips Get it? Why are the Apps so far behind? At Devcon5 this week Google, Mozilla, nVidia, and Samsung representatives in the Khronos Group and WebGL experts are going to talk about the future of graphics in HTML5. Candidly, This is going to be an amazing session about rendering and it should put…

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