Reverse Incentive Actions: Broadcasts Get Their Due

The broadcast industry has some choices to make.  They are being asked to free up spectrum based on an incenting them to return the spectrum to the government for resale to the carriers.


The value of the spectrum can be enhanced by the way the broadcast industry partners work together.


This spectrum shift requires planning.  To help we are gathering industry experts for a virtual event that will be streamed on October 19th 2012 and will be available in archive as this event.


The discussion will focus on challenges facing the television broadcasters as they decide whether to participate in the auction and how to calibrate their bids for optimal results. Participants will discuss the requirements in the Spectrum Act, the FCC’s recent Notice of Rulemaking Proposal (NPRM) as well as unresolved legal issues. Other panels will include a discussion of valuation and policy issues facing broadcasters.


As a virtual event there is a charge of $150 to attend, however government employees (this means you Congressional staff, FCC, NTIA etc.) should email me for free or per diem rates as needed.  3 hours of CLE credit are also available.







8:45 AM – 9:00 AM Introduction – Opening Remarks:

  • Harold Furchtgott-Roth, Former FCC Commissioner (Opening Remarks)
  • Barlow Keener, Keener Law Group (Introduction)



9:00 AM – 10:00 AM       Legal Perspective:

The Rules of the Auction Process

The opening panel will provide an overview of critical elements of the broadcast incentive auction as well as unsettled issues in the FCC’s recent NPRM. It will compare the upcoming reverse incentive auction with prior FCC auction processes. The panel will also discuss legal appeal process for the reverse incentive auction and potential pitfalls auction participants should consider.

  • Rebecca Hanson            FCC
  • John Hane                       Pillsbury Law
  • Brian Madden                  Lerman Senter
  • Marty Stern                      K&L Gates

10:00 AM -11:00 AM       Valuation:
Valuing The Reverse Auction Assets and Related Business Issues

The second panel will build on the legal explanation of the first panel. It will consider how the auction process and other factors will impact auction valuations and broadcasters decisions to participate. Panel topics will include general auction valuation expectations, variations in spectrum value by type of broadcaster and geography, and valuation considerations for broadcasters to consider when participating in the auction.

  • Coleman Bazelon            Brattle Group
  • Mark Fratrik                     BIA / Kelsey
  • Major Investment Bank   (Invited)
  • J. Armand Musey            Summit Ridge Group


11:00 AM – 12:00 PM     Policy Perspective:

Important Social, Political and Economic Policy Implications

Our final panel will step beyond strict legal and economic considerations and evaluate the FCC’s goals versus those of the television broadcast industry. The panel will discuss issues including implications for news access in rural areas, implications for other FCC license holders, and other policy concerns.

  • Preston Marshall             Univ. of S. California
  • Fred Campbell                 CLIP
  • Trey Hanbury                  Hogan Lovells
  • Barlow Keener                 Keener Law Group



As you can see, we have gathered leading experts in the legal, financial and policy files to discuss the implications of the FCC’s upcoming television broadcast incentive auction on the television broadcasting industry.


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As a Friend let me help your on your way to the IPO.

If you are employed by Facebook, Groupon, Skype, Twitter and Zynga and have some stock in lieu of payment, I would declare them this year. As the stock market has been stagnant the NY Times suggests that 2011 will be the year of the IPO.
I am sure the IPO will be a success like Yahoo and Google were initially. Long term I will take a more skeptical view, but I expect that given how many lives are impacted by these technologies the IPO’s will become darlings and raise the value of the company.
Personally though if you were given stock as a consultant, then the stock’s value is based on when you declare it.
The purchase price for you will not be as relevant as the date you declare it, So I recommend you do it this year.
Otherwise you may find yourself having to sell of your stock to pay your taxes.
Unfortunately, I speak from experience.
Learn from those who went before.

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Buys Signs for Alvarion

A word of warning, I do not own stock, I do not consider myself a buy side analyst.

I am a technology evangelist. Plain and simple.

And tonite I was with a congregation of WiMAX users most of them associated with Alvarion Nasdaq: ALVR.

The discussion was about the ease of use. It just works. No technician trying to configure on a truck roll.

One rural carrier in particular, shared their thoughts about how much WiMAX had changed their experience.

And speaking at the event were representatives of NTIA and RUS talking about the stimulus and looking forward to the Rural markets being well served.

After reading yesterdays headlines rehashed by some analysts, I have to say the congregation is speaking.

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Grow with the Flow

I was asked by an Angel to start looking for opportunities in our space.  My first advice was there were better spaces then ours right now.

But maybe I am wrong. Maybe the transition is in process to the new communications paradigm.  Look at the realities of the market.   The consolidation has left little room for growth at the top and all the innovation is attaching itself to the web.  Whether its in a social network, a browser based voice client, or some widget that reduces the browser to a contextual application the web is the big move.  I can even make a case for the web being the model for Unified Communication.

This comes at a great time for turmoil, too.  The Internet is exploding with a drive to wireless and as Apple, Google, Intel and Nokia all drive us to a new marketplace the opportunities are to find a niche and grow with the flow.

So the good news is if you are a start up looking for an Angel.  I can put you in touch.  I will also tell you, I am having some discussions at various other levels of investment.

Let me know if I can help.

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