Tom Dery Steps Down as Worldwide Chairman of M&C Saatchi By Chrissie Cluney


M&C Saatchi founder Tom Dery is stepping down as worldwide chairman of the network. He founded the Australian office in 1995. Dery will remain as chairman of M&C Saatchi Australia.

“Tom Dery is a legend in advertising and deservedly so. He is the creator of many highly successful and respected companies in our network. We are proud and privileged to have shared in his historic personal achievements,” said Maurice Saatchi, co-founder, M&C Saatchi.

In his 19-year tenure at the group, Dery has founded the Australian, Asian and West Coast US businesses. Throughout his duration as worldwide chairman, Dery played an integral role in launching the campaign for ACRF on World Cancer Day. Most recently spearheaded the global launch of AIME Mentoring.

“I’m delighted to be continuing to work with the Australian business and doing everything I can to assist Jaimes Leggett and his management team. The past nine years as worldwide chairman and thirteen years as Chairman of Asia Pacific have allowed me to establish and nurture some very dear relationships with our clients and people,” said Tom Dery, chairman, M&C Saatchi Australia.

Did you know I was Passive Aggressive Linguistically Speaking

Over at the Adjumps website, I am now trying to write a marketing blog.  (I Know those who can’t – blog).

Because Adjumps is about actually reaching out to customers in need and not being a site like IMHO where we try to share information without revealing sources,  I have Yoast installed.

At the bottom of my blog posts it tells me what wrong with my writing.

The answer. I am not active enough.

"No Matter" says Eyeore

Passive Aggressive

Now here is my dilemma,  Do I really want to punch up my writing style?

If you are looking for bang up copy, I am not sure I can do that.  IMHO thats a turn off.  I have a friend who always sounds like a football coach.  It all sounds great, but it does change if his team is 12 and 2 or 2 and 12.  It’s all “inspirational”.

I have been having our staff writer Chrissie Cluney curate weekly round ups without pushing and agenda to just highlight what is going on in the market.

I believe the audience needs a break from aggressive must see click bait.  I could give you five reasons that passive voices are better, but why bother. :<)

Shipamax Raises $2.5M for its Cloud Software Platform by Chrissie Cluney

Shipamax is a London-based startup and recent graduate of Silicon Valley accelerator, Y Combinator. The company raised $2.5 million in seed funding. They plan to use the money to continue building and marketing its cloud software platform for the bulk shipping industry.

“Bulk shipping powers the world economy – the grains we eat, the steel we build with and the fuels we consume all get transported by bulk ships. Despite industry perils, demand for dry bulk has increased 40 per cent since the financial crisis. We’re enabling the industry to keep up with the pace of change in technology and put them on the road to recovery,” said Jenna Brown, co-founder, Shipamax.

Shipamax hopes to bring the bulk shipping industry into the digital age. They want to wean customers who consists of shipping brokers and owner-operators, off of things such as email, messaging and excel spreadsheets.

Shipamax’s cloud software solution is designed to not only handle all communications between customer, broker and operator. Also the software is designed to transform the data exchanged into shape so that the process itself is infinitely more scalable.

Kimberly-Clark Learned by Taking Programmatic In-House by Chrissie Cluney

Kimberly-Clark, the consumer packaged goods giant, has brought automated and audience-based media buying in-house. The company has also learned how to improve messaging and creative. With data and technology evolving so quickly, many people forget about creative and how people are consuming and interacting with it.

The company sees data as a creative lever. The data can inform campaign creative. “The learnings swing back to how we think about creative and how we can use data to create specific assets,” said Cameron Friedlander, marketing technology and integrated media, Kimberly-Clark.

Why in-house? “We wanted to bring everything in-house because we wanted to own the data to get to targeting consumers in a behavioral fashion, versus. a demographic perspective,” said Lisa Giarcosa, global head of experience planning and integrated media, Kimberly-Clark.

What has the brand learned from taking everything in-house? “We’ve gained an understanding of how we can use multiple partners and data points to pinpoint people on their buying journey. And how to ensure that we don’t expose personally identifiable information,” Giarcosa said.

If Talk is Cheap Blame it on Joe Lucatorto

I was told of the passing of Joe Lucatorto last week and I wanted to share my memory of his leadership.  Joe was an amazing leader and accomplished a great many things in his career in the phone companies.  He oversaw the development of Interstate private line services and was instrumental in the way services were bundled into a managed service.

Joe was a true native New Yorker and understood the communications requirements of Wall Street better than anyone.

When I first started meeting with him, Pete Kos asked me to find a partner for Bell Atlantic New Jersey to bring SONET to NYC.   The region was ignoring the opportunity of the corridor and was helping Interstate operators.  When I first came to meet Joe his office had a number of couches lined up in the hall and I was just like every other vendor looking to meet the Don of Telecommunications.

When I had my audience he understood the situation better than my management and wanted to partner.  However, the city was not a place for SONET rings the way we had architected them.  You see often in the Towers of NY the circuits of an entire central office were less than the capacity needed for a single address in lower manhattan.

His need was for us to support NYNEX Enterprise which was a mix solution built on Newbridge Networks gear.

I worked to get the plans in place and was looking to have a kick off meeting the day Ray Smith announced he was merging Bell Atlantic with TCI.  My VP and entire management team never made it to the meeting.  I looked pretty foolish and Joe had gathered an executive team at NYNEX for this kickoff.

However, Pete Kos and certain unnamed management types told me to hold down the fort and keep visiting Joe.  I know that other phone conversations followed me into NYNEX management.

The TCI merger did not go through and in the long run NYNEX and Bell Atlantic merged. Those talks were above my pay grade, but Joe Lucatorto and his team gave me lots of credit for sticking it out and gave me a chance to work with them.

I have a lot of regrets corporately and one of the largest is leaving Luca’s organization.  He was brilliant and his team was dedicated to him.

I think of him often and expect that will not change.



Unicorn Awareness 8 of 149: Fanli

This is a series of articles aimed at making people aware of the endangered Unicorns that exist among us.

It is not their fault that they are endangered. It’s the price and pride of ownership. So where along the way the decision was made to feed them more than they can consume and that lean was not as import as means.

Some of the unicorns have done well on this diet. Others have not. We don’t pass judgement on the individual unicorns. We just highlight the herd for your awareness.

We will ignore the fact that there were 147 about a month ago and now we are at 149 again so the venture capitalists are clearly back into their optimism or flush with cash.


Note to friends in China. I am flying blind on these investments so if you can comment on your experience with Fanli please help. Fanli‘s “website offers discounts and rebates on various products and services” so you can think of it as a chinese groupon.

It ranks well in China but the usage goest through tremendous spikes that I can not explain from a far. It may be that the company has sales or that China’s Internet has some special characteristics like better rates for connectivity.

Regardless Fanli has a 33.3 evaluation with 30M translating to $1B with powerhouse investment houses.

It’s Time for a Serious Reboot.

Lately I have been meeting a lot of old friends and they have reflected on the past. Some think that there were good old days, some feel like we have not progressed.

Back in 1996, I started working for a large carrier on the Internet Strategy and how to deliver dial up that was the equivalent of a private line circuit.

It was a fools errand, but I did not realize it at the time.

I had calculated that if I charged for the circuit at about 70 dollars, I could deliver a pre -switch interface that would protect the central office switch from blockage.

As we were progressing on our effort to create the service, AT&T declared they were offering a dial-up Internet service for under $20 “unlimited”.

And the congestion continued.

But so did the effort to reinvent the central office, which had the consequence of reinventing the carrier.

When I was working on the strategy, my boss reminded me that 70% of the company worked on Voice Grade Switched services (AKA POTS). And maybe 10% understood private line.

Likewise the cable operators had a team that as a friend put it, was the equivalent of a sprinkler installer. They could cut a pipe and put in another valve, but that was about the level of their network sophistication.

Both communications operators have come along way. Today as Verizon manages the strike it has reduced the union workforce to 20% of what it used to be when I first made my Internet pitch.

The cable operators have not only made a triple play to compete with wireline operators but delivered a viable Wi-Fi service that goes beyond the home.

All while the customer base has found shown a willingness to abandon old business models for services that are more convenient. David Walsh the CEO of Genband points out that Amazon has become so powerful a brand that you have go to page 5 in a Google search to read about the River and not the company.

And with Facebook’s announcement of messaging bots and IBM’s Watson exemplifying machine learning we are about to go through another shift in knowledge work.

Whether we like the speed of change or not it is in motion.

Optical Investments and ROI

I promised to be prolific, but I also never said it would be here. The first week of January I had been busy writing my articles for the new M2M Evolution Magazine. It was pretty intense getting enough information on Fleet Management. It resulted in my M2M newsletter article being about ROI.

The Article in Mobility Techzone was about the use of Opticals for Ethernet in support of backhaul. It also mentions the TV Incentive Virtual Event we ran with TMC.

These were the articles of the week.

My One New Year’s Resolution – Be Prolific

To be candid,  I have had a hard time writing in real time,  I find that in five hundred words I normally can give a good circular article that provides some insight, takes a point of view, and if you read it makes you go “hmmmn” as Arsenio Hall used to say.

The problem now is that I have about 8 blogs to keep active as well as obligations to write 10 articles a month and then there are those damn tweets and posts.  What are they suppose to be about.

Worse the articles and blogs are suppose to be easily compartmentalized.  HTML5, Mobility, M2M, Small Business, etc.  However, I am eclectic and as Richard Bach said to his wife,  “It’s all One”

Take the interviews I am working on right now for M2M, with Jerry Coumo and Gari Singh of IBM.  We hit mobility, Instant Messaging and JavaScript.  And that was just in an hour discussion.  I am working on breaking it up for easy reading but its like that.

In this SEO world, I am suppose to find the metatag subject and make Google and Bing happy with the content so it bubbles up to the reader’s interest.

But as Gari Singh said in the interview, its a Pub/Sub world.  So my strategy now is to be prolific and hopefully the sub side will dominate the pub side.

Anyway, if you are still reading this after me pushing out most of my blogs on other sites.  thank you.  I intend to write here daily on what I am doing everywhere else.

It’s new year’s the mayans were wrong, and absent a stray meteor, it should be a good year.

G-d bless us all, everyone.