Tom Dery Steps Down as Worldwide Chairman of M&C Saatchi By Chrissie Cluney


M&C Saatchi founder Tom Dery is stepping down as worldwide chairman of the network. He founded the Australian office in 1995. Dery will remain as chairman of M&C Saatchi Australia.

“Tom Dery is a legend in advertising and deservedly so. He is the creator of many highly successful and respected companies in our network. We are proud and privileged to have shared in his historic personal achievements,” said Maurice Saatchi, co-founder, M&C Saatchi.

In his 19-year tenure at the group, Dery has founded the Australian, Asian and West Coast US businesses. Throughout his duration as worldwide chairman, Dery played an integral role in launching the campaign for ACRF on World Cancer Day. Most recently spearheaded the global launch of AIME Mentoring.

“I’m delighted to be continuing to work with the Australian business and doing everything I can to assist Jaimes Leggett and his management team. The past nine years as worldwide chairman and thirteen years as Chairman of Asia Pacific have allowed me to establish and nurture some very dear relationships with our clients and people,” said Tom Dery, chairman, M&C Saatchi Australia.

Ogilvy Melbourne Named as Cadbury’s Creative Agency By Chrissie Cluney


Ogilvy Melbourne has been named the local creative agency for Cadbury Dairy Milk, replacing Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney. Ogilvy Melbourne will take on local Cadbury and Cadbury Dairy Milk campaign responsibilities in Australia and New Zealand. This will allow them to become a “full service local partner” on Cadbury brands, and Cadbury Dairy Milk local activation.

“Cadbury is one of our most iconic brands and we’re excited to partner with VCCP and Ogilvy to write the next chapter in the brand’s famous advertising history,” said Ben Wick, global brand director, Mondelez, one of the world’s largest snacks companies.

Saatchi & Saatchi has held the Cadbury account for five years. They delivered campaigns including Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Joyville’ and ‘Dominos’ and more recently Cadbury Favorites ‘Everyone gets their favourites’.

OMG Digital Raises a Seed Round of $1.1M by Chrissie Cluney

OMG Digital, the Ghana-based media startup known as the “BuzzFeed of Africa,” has raised $1.1 million in seed funding. Its main website, OMG Voice has versions for Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. The new capital will be used to expand into more countries.

Launched by Jesse Arhin Ghansah, Prince Boakye Boampong, and Dominic Mensah in February 2016, OMG Voice now claims 4.5 million unique visitors each month. OMG Digital has a team of 25 employees and plans to launch sites for South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Tanzania. The money that was raised will be used to support its expansion, produce more video content and grow its advertising and marketing departments.
“It was really frustrating for us because we would go online and all the content was just boring news and politics and stuff. So we wanted to create something for people like us, with listicles and lightweight content. Smartphones started to take off and Facebook became super popular as well, and that’s why we started OMG,” said Jesse Arhin Ghansah, co-founder, OMG Digital.
Ghansah and his co-founders started OMG Ghana in 2012 when they were in college. It was the time when smartphones were becoming more popular, but Ghansah had a hard time finding interesting things to read.
Though most things can be shared between the sites and every country’s version of OMG Voice has a lot of tailor-made content. “There are a lot of cultural nuances and differences, but in some countries, there are some similarities,” said Ghansah. “Like Ghana and Nigeria are close in terms of culture, so it’s easy to create content for both of them. Kenyans and Tanzanians have similar cultures as well, so we are trying to tackle [expansion] just by going into the countries we are already in and finding the next closest market in terms of culture.”
The company will begin with English-speaking markets. Then they will branch out into French and other languages, with the goal of one day being present in every African country. OMG Voice already has a culinary vertical called ServePot, and plans to launch tech and lifestyle verticals as well. The company will also begin building an events business, with meet-ups and startup conferences.
“We want to pioneer content advertising in Africa with major brands and it’s going good so far,” said Ghansah. “Brands are starting to get it and the next two years will be huge for us.”

Did you know I was Passive Aggressive Linguistically Speaking

Over at the Adjumps website, I am now trying to write a marketing blog.  (I Know those who can’t – blog).

Because Adjumps is about actually reaching out to customers in need and not being a site like IMHO where we try to share information without revealing sources,  I have Yoast installed.

At the bottom of my blog posts it tells me what wrong with my writing.

The answer. I am not active enough.

"No Matter" says Eyeore

Passive Aggressive

Now here is my dilemma,  Do I really want to punch up my writing style?

If you are looking for bang up copy, I am not sure I can do that.  IMHO thats a turn off.  I have a friend who always sounds like a football coach.  It all sounds great, but it does change if his team is 12 and 2 or 2 and 12.  It’s all “inspirational”.

I have been having our staff writer Chrissie Cluney curate weekly round ups without pushing and agenda to just highlight what is going on in the market.

I believe the audience needs a break from aggressive must see click bait.  I could give you five reasons that passive voices are better, but why bother. :<)

Delphi and Transdev Develop Global On-demand Driverless Transportation by Chrissie Cluney

Delphi and Transdev are developing automated, on-demand mobility systems, with a service offering set. The companies hope to debut with a service offering set via pilot projects in France, and then to eventually expand to global reach.

Delphi will bring its automated driving platform to the mix that it is creating in partnership with Mobileye. Transdev is a recognized leader in mobility network operation. It has already worked with public transit authorities around the world, including rams, light rail, buses, ferries, and more recently, autonomous vehicles.

Delphi and Transdev want to have a global footprint with their technology. The companies are also going to be working on getting pilot projects operating very quickly.

“We believe that autonomy will bring a lot of social benefits,” said Yann Leriche, chief performance officer, Transdev “Our mission is to leverage those benefits to provide attractive shared transportation options to our clients. The asset can be shared, for example on-demand cars, or the ride can be shared, for example, buses.”

For Delphi, this partnership will provide access to testing on a wide range of vehicle types across a wide variety of service settings. It also gives them a company to work with that already has a deep functional understanding of current urban transit and the challenges therein.

“They have that clear pathway, they’re operating today, they understand this and we couldn’t be more excited to be adding them as a partner,” said Glen De Vos, chief technology officer, Delphi. “We really have line of sight into how the technology can be deployed, and deployed in a way that really makes sense in terms of safety and in terms of commercial operations.”

Both companies will contribute to the co-development of future autonomous vehicles. The companies will add to the infrastructure to make operating a commercial service sustainable and scalable.

Dave Buklarewicz Joins MARC USA by Chrissie Cluney

MARC USA has appointed Dave Buklarewicz to the company’s newly created position of EVP/Executive Media Director. The Pittsburgh-based ad agency has been adding resources to its media and data/analytics offering. It is trying to redouble their efforts to attract media customers to its group of clients most of which take a mix of creative and media services.

Buklarewicz is a 20-plus year industry veteran who joined the agency from Havas Media. He will be responsible for overseeing the company’s growing media practice, which has a staff of over 60 employees, in all four of their offices.

“We believe there’s a real gap in the marketplace and a tremendous growth opportunity for us,” said Michele Fabrizi, president and CEO, MARC USA. She is referring to the media services arena.

The agency currently provides media services for AOR clients such as Rite Aid, Payless ShoeSource, the Pennsylvania Lottery, Belle Tire and others. Media-only clients include pharmaceutical firm Kaleo and Five Star Senior Living.

Google’s ‘Home’ is Having Problems by Chrissie Clune

Google had high hopes for its virtual assistant ‘Home’ to take on Amazon’s ‘Alexa‘. The problem is that the product has trouble with users reporting indifferent behavior from ‘Home’.

The virtual assistant is spitting out errors instead of controlling smart home devices and answering questions. “According to multiple online complaints, there’s a Google Home outage affecting a significant portion of users,” said Android Police, a technology website.

To know if your ‘Home’ device is affected, users need to use a trigger phrase. The device will respond with “Hmm, something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds,” or “There was a glitch. Try again in a few seconds.”

“Most users say the issues started popping up in the last day or two and today Google Home has a nearly 100 percent failure rate,” said the report. However the other devices with Google Assistant are working fine.

MediaCom Promotes Pang by Chrissie Cluney


MediaCom has promoted Willie Pang to chief operating officer of the agency. He will lead their Melbourne office.

Pang will be responsible for growing the business through product and new business development. He will also work to continue to lead on MediaCom solutions nationally. This includes the digital, data and innovation portfolio.

“When we began our search for leadership in Melbourne, first and foremost we wanted someone that would be a strong cultural fit for our people and clients. Someone that can inspire, lead and bring a team together,” said Sean Seamer, CEO, MediaCom.

Growing its Melbourne office has become a priority for MediaCom. The agency has been restructuring how it operates. Seamer said that Pang has been instrumental in repositioning MediaCom and how it serves its clients to adapt to the digitization of media and marketing during his 18 months as chief digital officer.

“I firmly believe that MediaCom is at the forefront of transforming what it means to be a media agency and our Melbourne business will play a critical role,” said Willie Pang, digital officer, MediaCom. Pang will begin his new role of COO in July.

Shipamax Raises $2.5M for its Cloud Software Platform by Chrissie Cluney

Shipamax is a London-based startup and recent graduate of Silicon Valley accelerator, Y Combinator. The company raised $2.5 million in seed funding. They plan to use the money to continue building and marketing its cloud software platform for the bulk shipping industry.

“Bulk shipping powers the world economy – the grains we eat, the steel we build with and the fuels we consume all get transported by bulk ships. Despite industry perils, demand for dry bulk has increased 40 per cent since the financial crisis. We’re enabling the industry to keep up with the pace of change in technology and put them on the road to recovery,” said Jenna Brown, co-founder, Shipamax.

Shipamax hopes to bring the bulk shipping industry into the digital age. They want to wean customers who consists of shipping brokers and owner-operators, off of things such as email, messaging and excel spreadsheets.

Shipamax’s cloud software solution is designed to not only handle all communications between customer, broker and operator. Also the software is designed to transform the data exchanged into shape so that the process itself is infinitely more scalable.