Interview with Carol Davids of IIT and the RTC Lab

I interviewed Carol Davids while we together at IIT’s RTC event in Naperville, IL.

The discussion quickly got on to the driving force for adaptation of communication. As we talked about the twilight of the POTS, SIP and Mobile are being driven by the consumer’s expectation for rich media.

Texting and videos to 911 are assumed even though no process is in place to accept them. SIP is being pushed into the Web with RTCWeb and the rich media opportunities that provides. The team did a great job of running the event and I look forward to seeing participating next year.

I should also mention that the Lab is a great resource for companies to connect with students by donating equipment that can be then used to research new opportunities.

Interview with Chris Mayer, Verizon VP

Interview with Chris Mayer of Verizon about the state of 4G LTE.  Chris is involved in the development and design of systems integration and testing and his insight as to where we stand with Verizon Wireless 4G LTE roll out is informative.

For those who don’t know Verizon is making it happen with over 160 cities turned up so far with amazing speeds above their promised numbers.  Once the load gets on the network they will deliver what they promised, but as Chris points out it’s hard to imagine an application for consumers that notices the difference between 10 MB down and 21 MB down.

Also interesting in the interview is an M2M application for HD Cameras.  I think we will see more of these types of opportunities.

Enjoy the video.

PS The Video was taken while at the IIT Real Time Commmunications event.