Devcon5 New Additions

If the Chips Get it? Why are the Apps so far behind?
At Devcon5 this week Google, Mozilla, nVidia, and Samsung representatives in the Khronos Group and WebGL experts are going to talk about the future of graphics in HTML5.
Candidly, This is going to be an amazing session about rendering and it should put to rest a bunch of my friends that keep suggesting that Device OSes are the answer.
The reality is the chips are being optimized for the web not for devices and as Charles Jolley formerly of Apple will tell you, the screen is where you look. Yes, design of the hardware is important, but most of us look at more than one screen. And software is the glue and HTML5 is the bond of the Internet.
Devcon5 is a design conference for those of us going to be alwayson the web.
Designers, Developers and Deployers all need to join us here.

The Plus in Google+ may mean Therapy

I am suffering from friend envy on Google+, I recognize that unlike Mike Arrington, Om Malik, Jeff Pulver, and Rich Therani I do not play the social network game correctly.
I find it hard to engage in large audiences of unknown people. In a crowd I like to pick them off one by one and learn about them.
So as I browse around Google+ I am amazed to see the numbers of people following the gurus and the fact that I am inviting more than I am invited.
Perhaps, this is a sign of my issues with Social networks. Or perhaps its opportunity for me to change.
I also noticed that my buzz posts were dated and my recent writings are missing.
So clearly, I have some issues.
But thanks to Google+ I think I may have a feedback system. Like a Skinnerian Box, I can press the bar of submit and see what happens to my posts.
Of course if this does not happen, the paranoia will set in.
If you are on Google+ and want to make feel better please feel free to connect with me.
It’s time to submit.